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KBB New Years Checklist 2021-01


2020 has been a strange but exciting year.  We’ve seen the KBB industry hit with a pandemic only to be followed by a “KBB Boom”.  We’ve witnessed shops being shut down, but our tradespeople have been able to visit homes.  We’ve even been outdone with leads whilst worrying for our businesses safety. 


Whether 2020 has left you a tycoon in the KBB industry or desperately struggling for leads, we all have one thing in common.  2021 is approaching us at full speed.  If it’s anything like 2020, we need to be prepared for it.


This post is here to equip you with your KBB New Years Checklist for 2021.  By the end, you should have everything you need to leave this insane year behind and successfully break into the new.


Your KBB New Years Checklist for 2021


1. Is your online presence all it could be?

Social media is a crucial component to almost everything we do in this day and age.  Facebook and Instagram are at the heart of the majority of your prospects.  Ignoring these platforms would be insanity!


Before you enter the new year, make sure you have your social media in check, post regularly, keep the content quality high, and engage with your audience.  For more information on how you can make the most out of social media for your KBB business, click here.


2. How is your Google My Business looking?

Maybe you’ve spent too much time trying to handle the leads you already have this year.  You’ve been super busy after all.  Did it ever cross your mind that you may need to make your site even sharper for the new prospects of 2021? 


Google my business is a perfect tool for showcasing your service on the world wide web.  As well as useful information such as addresses and contact info, Google My Business is great for giving your website a virtual face.  To find out more about utilising Google My Business, click here.


3. Are you retargeting and remarketing?

The KBB Boom may mean that you’re now bombarded with new and exciting leads.  Perhaps the stress of the pandemic has made it hard for you to keep up with your current lead flow.  Whatever your situation, staying on top of your existing leads through retargeting and remarketing is crucial if you wish to enter 2021 with strong contacts, leads and support. 


It doesn’t matter if you’re using a google cookie, a pixel or even a track and trace system!  There is always tremendous importance in following up with those who are interested in what you have to offer.  Click here to learn more about retargeting and remarketing for your KBB business.


4. Are you getting the most out of SEO?

Search engine optimisation is a cornerstone of a great web presence.  Quality web content needs to know its worth.  The only way to achieve that is by getting your content noticed. 


Sophisticated methods used to make your KBB website stand out amongst its competitors is pivotal in generating great leads.  Want to find out more about elevating your content with SEO?  Click here.


5. How is your online advertising holding up?

Do you have it sorted?  If not, why not?  At KBB Leads we can’t stress this point enough.  Using paid ads through Facebook and Google is, in our opinion, without a doubt the superior method of showing off your products and services.  Advertising your business, in the place where the majority of your prospects spend their time and tailoring it to them is, without a doubt, a game-changer.  Do not enter 2021 without this lifeline.  Learn more by clicking here.


New Year New Me

Forget the clichés.  2021 doesn’t have to be about you getting into shape or cutting back on alcohol.  These are great resolutions, of course.  But with our KBB New Years Checklist for 2021, you can enter the new year with some fantastic high-quality leads. 


Don’t want to go it alone?  We have you covered.  At KBB Leads we are experts at generating leads across the KBB industry by utilising the tools listed here as well as much more.  To find out how we can help you build a better life for your business tomorrow, today, click here