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Plainst Technologies, one of the medical industry’s leaders in nanotechnologies, desired an online display of their strategy to increase site sales, while utilizing their current customer base.

Why Facebook Ads?


Facebook has over 2 billion users and its user base is growing at over 15% each year, this means that by the time you’ve read this page there are almost 100 new customers for you to target.

Unlike Google Ads where you are waiting for people to search for your product/service, Facebook is more like TV advertising that allows you to show adverts to people that might be interested, however,  you have full control over who sees your adverts. Let’s say you wanted to target Males, 22-28 years old, who are Married, like Football, use an iPhone and live within 20 miles of Manchester…no problem, we can do that.

The Facebook Ads platform can be used to promote pretty much anything, whether that be a product, a service or driving more customers to a physical store. Take a look at some popular use cases below:

KBB Facebook Ads Example on Phone

Watch how it works:

Watch a short video from Facebook that shows how Facebook Ads are different to other forms of advertising you’ve used in the past.


Use Cases:


Generating Leads

Consistently generate new leads, through Facebook Messages, Emails or Calls.

Promote your App

Promote your app, get more installs and keep them engaged using targeted ads.

Online Sales

Put your products in front of millions of customers and use retargeting to increase conversions.

Launch a Brand/Product

Generate excitement and maintain momentum around a new product, service or brand.

In-store Sales

Bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds by increasing visits to your store or showroom.

Promote your Videos/Ads

Make sure your videos or commercials are seen online as well as on TV.

Advert types

There’s a wide variety of ad types you can run across Facebook, Instagram, Facebook’s Audience Network and Messenger. Each ad has two components: The format (what it looks like) and the placement (where it will be displayed). We’ll work with you to pick the best format and design the relevant adverts for you.


Bespoke Video Ads

Our design team can create stunning videos and motion graphic video adverts for Facebook using your existing images and brand.



We utilise two key pieces of Facebook technology in order to get more clicks, leads and the highest return on your investment.

The Facebook Pixel

Our team will set-up and install a piece of code on your website that allows us to measure, optimise and build audiences for your advertising campaigns. This means that if a potential customer visits your website we can then start showing adverts for your business on their Facebook feed within minutes, massively increasing conversions.

Dynamic Product Ads

We can sync your e-commerce store with Facebook’s ad platform which means we can track which products people view on your store and then show them adverts for that specific product (or category of products) for pre-defined time periods e.g. 14 days. Dynamic Product Ads can increase sales dramatically, contact us for a demo.

How we get you results

We follow a five-step consultative process that helps us to deliver fantastic results.

1. Research and Review 2. Ad Design 3. Implementation 4. Optimisation 5. Results

1. Research and Review

1. Research & Review

Before we start working together we like to deeply understand your business, the types of products or services you offer and the customers that you want to target. We’ll take a look at your existing marketing activity and stats to look at what is working and what isn’t. We’ll then use Facebook’s tools to formulate a plan and build an avatar e.g. Male, aged 35+, Married, Likes Football and lives within 15 miles of Manchester.

We’ll also tailor the campaign objectives, for example, driving sales, generating leads, increasing your Facebook page likes and engagement, getting app installs or any other of Facebook’s objectives.

2. Ad Design

2. Ad Design

Compelling imagery and ad copy are vital if you want to grab people’s attention on Facebook and get the best click-through rates. Our design and copywriting team have created thousands of different adverts, we know what works and what doesn’t and understand the advert guidelines imposed by Facebook. We’ll create videos. motion graphics, images, ad copy to make sure your adverts stand out and, more importantly, convert!

3. Implementation

3. Implementation

We take the ad designs, targeting and budgets and put it all together to create campaigns and ad sets on the Facebook ad platform. We will also install a piece of code onto your website called the Facebook Pixel that allows us to track your customers throughout the journey. We’ll be able to tell you how much traffic we are driving, to what pages, how many leads we’ve driven broken down by metrics like age, gender and location.

If you operate an e-commerce store such as Shopify, Magento or Woocommerce we can track sales to get an accurate ROI and show relevant adverts to potential customers who have visited your product pages using Dynamic Product Ads

4. Optimisation

4. Optimisation

Optimising your campaigns is a crucial and ongoing part of the service we provide. Anyone can press a button on Facebook to boost a post, however, our team split test different images, advert copy, different ad formats such as image, video, carousels and collection ads with slight variations.

We’ll also remove genders, age groups and locations if our analysis shows that, for example, Females aged 24-37 convert better than other demographics. This is an ongoing process until we find the perfect combination that gets the highest clicks and conversions for the lowest cost, increasing your return on investment.

5. Results

5. Results

We keep you constantly updated with the results you’re getting, however, we don’t send long-winded reports by email, instead, we prefer to build a relationship with you. We’ll schedule regular update calls to talk over your account performance and we do this via a screen-sharing session so everything is 100% transparent, you can see the results directly on Facebook’s platform and we’ll explain exactly what you’re getting for your money.

3,321% increase in sales

2,514% increase in orders

805% increase in visits

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Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.09% generating a number of new sales
In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 20%
Return on Investment of 272%
Social shares by network

1. The Challenge

Worktop Warehouse has over a decade of industry experience delivering high quality granite and quartz worktops across the UK.

Kerry and her growing team required someone to help generate new leads/enquiries that turn into sales whilst also increasing brand awareness in their local area. After initial conversations with our account management team, it was clear that RTD’s Facebook Marketing services were perfect to accomplish their goals.


A dynamically innovative digital media suite that allows users to be retargeted based on the tour they saw last and spent the most time viewing. This was done by introducing a contextual campaign to increase reach by showing prospective audiences the current, and most popular tour. In addition to that, we applied daily and lifetime frequency caps specific to each user in order to prevent overexposure.


We’ve achieved a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 0.09%, which generated a number of new sales. In the campaign’s inaugural month of activity the Cost Per Action (CPA) was reduced by 20%, surpassing the client’s target. February 2013 saw post-click revenue – (generated by both dynamic retargeting and the prospecting campaign) – produce a Return on Investment (ROI) of 272%.

About the client

Worktop Warehouse are a UK wide trade and retail provider of granite, quartz and corain stone worktops. They provide premium materials and an industry-leading 5 day turnaround.


Company Info

3 years old based in Manchester


Leads via phone calls, emails, and their website