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Have you heard of KBB Leads?

Have you heard of KBB Leads?

KBB Leads are a digital marketing agency tailored to the needs of the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom sector.




Marketing is a problem across the KBB industry. Traditional advertising is struggling. TV ads, newspapers and word of mouth don’t cut it anymore. In a world where digital is king, everyone needs to grow and change. We need to recognise the importance of social media and SEO. It’s time to take the internet by storm.


KBB Leads understood this. We learned that this sector is unique and has great potential. That’s why we set out to understand what works and what doesn’t. By using innovative digital technology we invested our time and resources in finding the perfect formulas and methods. We left no box unturned when looking for ways to help the KBB industry generate quality leads online.


It’s been a success. In the last three years, KBB Leads has worked with more than 50 businesses and generated leads worth over £10 million. Not only this, but we’ve offered everything on a Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Appointment basis without contracts.


At KBB Leads we do things differently. It’s a fast-paced industry and we are devoted to keeping up with it. We are proud members of KBSA and we regularly attend events such as KBB Birmingham.


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