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Get noticed online with KBB Leads

Get noticed online with KBB Leads

What do successful KBB businesses have which the unsuccessful lack?

The simple answer, Leads. But there’s more to it than that…

Get Noticed Online With KBB Leads


What is a lead?

Put simply, a lead is somebody who has enquired about your business online.  Interested customers, potential prospects and even Bob down the road can be classed as leads (assuming Bob is interested in your services).


What happens if I don’t have enough leads?

The wheel stops turning.  Less leads mean less interest.  Less interest means less sales.  Less sales mean less work.  You see where I’m, going…  Leads are often the lifeline that a KBB business depends on.


What happens if I have too many leads?

This seems like a great problem to have.  Sadly it’s not.  Being oversubscribed is pointless if you can’t handle it.  Not all leads turn into paying clients.  A lead could simply be someone who has viewed your site before shopping elsewhere.  This means that your queue of customers could be full of those who have no real interest in your services.


What’s the solution?

It’s the Goldilocks conundrum.  A KBB business can’t be too hot because it won’t be able to keep up with clients who are worth the time.  If the feed of leads is too cold then it could be in real danger.  The trick is to find the spot that’s just right.


How do I find the ‘goldilocks spot’?

With the help of KBB Leads.  We are specially tailored to the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom sector and we are experts at generating leads online.  Not only this but our pay per appointment system means that we can deliver our clients with high-quality leads that have already made progress down the funnel.  With our help, you needn’t be treading water or burnt out.

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