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How To Use Facebook Ads To Generate Leads Online

How To Use Facebook Ads To Generate Leads Online


How to use Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads are the answer. But what’s the question?

Covid-19 has changed the advertising industry as we know it. The little hope that traditional advertising methods had is fading. Less people watch TV, even less buy papers and word of mouth in a digital world is limiting. Luckily this is not a catastrophe but an opportunity. 

Ever used Facebook? If you’re one of the lucky 1.86 billion who have then you’ve probably seen a Facebook ad. You know, those videos and images that seem to be tailored to your interests. My Facebook feed always shows me takeaway delivery apps. I’ve got a strange feeling it’s going to point out nearby gyms soon! 

Not only are these ads fun and innovative but they’re also a game-changer. Here’s why: 


What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Ads are a promotional tool. This method is a brilliant way to get exposure for your brand, increase likes and even sell new products.


How does it work?

Facebook allows you to pick who you wish to view your advert based on things like age, gender, location, likes and dislikes. You can also import data from your current audience (if you already have one) and create a brand ‘lookalike’. 


Will it work?

These Facebook Ads reach people through repeated exposure. If a potential client checks their news feed a few times a day they will repeatedly see your ad. This is dependent on the specifications, of course. 


Is it cost-effective?  

Yes, and you have plenty of control over it. You set your own budgets, limits and base your payments on clicks or impressions. 


How can I tell if my Facebook Ad is successful?

By using the Facebook insights tool you can see first hand how well the ad is doing and learn from it. By watching its performance you can see what needs to be done and how to improve it.


Still lost? Let’s talk about Dave.

Say, Dave enjoys long walks on the beach… But he also is 35, lives in central Manchester and is looking for a professional KBB retailer to help him build his dream home. If your target specification matches Dave there is a good chance your ad will appear on his news feed (probably among the ads for beach resorts). Not only this but depending on the specification your ad will repeatedly show up for Dave every time he checks it. Now that’s good exposure!


You see?

Gone are the days when word of mouth and ads in papers reigned supreme. Let us welcome Facebook Ads and give our retailers in the KBB sector the almighty power to unleash their own content on the world in the most effective, productive and influential way possible.


Want help?

We know you’ve got this. But if you’re struggling to get the cat in the bag we can help. At KBB leads we are experts in developing the highest quality leads for our retailers through managed lead generation, pay per lead and SEO services. If you’re interested feel free to contact us here.

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