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Free Apps That Will Elevate Your KBB Business

Free Apps That Will Elevate Your KBB Business

Free Apps That Elevate Your KBB Business


In this article, we talk about six free apps that will elevate your KBB business and digital content.


Content is an incredible asset for any KBB business.  Whether you’re a multi-national kitchen manufacturing conglomerate or a humble bathroom company showroom on the highstreet, content is king.


Did you know it was Bill Gates who said that?  According to Heath Evans, Bill Gates believed, “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.”


We agree with this.  Not just because Gates is a smart guy, but also because we’ve seen what content can do. 


Here are a few free apps your KBB business can use to get the most out of its online content: 



Are you interested in creating a logo?  Maybe a unique design on your site or some enticing imaging for your newsletter?  If you’re looking for a simplistic, free way to create graphic content, Gimp is a perfect choice. 


Great for beginners, Gimp is an open-source platform with software designed for image manipulation, free form drawing and much more.



Strong copy can be a foundational asset for any business.  From blogs to scripts and direct mail to email marketing.  Quality writing matters.  It shows integrity and credibility.  But if you’re not the best writer, don’t worry. 


Grammarly is software that notices and corrects typos, grammatical errors and all things text-related.  The online programme offers a premium service for experts.  But it’s basic version is perfect for anyone wanting to create standard copy. 



If you’ve gone to the trouble of creating some quality content online, it might be worth getting it noticed.  Consider SEO (search engine optimisation).


SEO involves picking the right words for your content so that it can be recognised by search engines (for more info, click here). Software like Yoast makes it easy to understand how plugins work and the best way to implement them into your content so that people notice you online.



If you want to elevate your stories and make them stand out over your competitors, Mojo is the app for you. Designed with getting you noticed in mind, Mojo releases new and customisable content every month. Photos, videos, music, stickers, text effects, animated backgrounds and logos are just a few of the features that can be sprinkled across your social media to give it an extra oomph. 



Into audio? Perhaps you want to create a podcast about kitchen worktops. Maybe a jingle for your bathroom manufacturing company is more up your alley. Whatever your ambitious audio need is, you can create it with audacity. The downloadable software is only a click away and built to work across platforms on most both mac and windows. 


Wondershare Filmora

Want some quality video to go with your audio. Filmora is a free and easy video editing software which boasts of over 77 million users across 150 countries and a 600,000 social media following. The critical point that makes this software so appealing is its simplicity. With basic and clear formatting, you won’t feel intimidated and, hopefully, will be able to produce some fantastic visuals.  


Free as a bird

Not too hard, right? That’s the beautiful thing about web content. You don’t have to break the bank to be successful. We love helping the KBB sector blossom and watch its content become king. But if you don’t have time, don’t worry. At KBB Leads, we are experts at utilising online content creating platforms and generating great leads. To find out more get in touch now.

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