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Market Your KBB Business Through The Christmas Period

Market Your KBB Business Through The Christmas Period

Ways To Market Your Business Through The Christmas Period


Tis the season, stockings, crackers and Christmas tree galore.  Yep, the festive season is upon us.  It’s time to get into the spirit.  And not just around your loved ones.  Be you Caroller or a Scrooge, the Christmas Period is the perfect opportunity for your KBB business.  After all, a Christmas dinner deserves a Christmas kitchen! 


So, here are a few ways you can get on the nice list with your KBB clients and avoid a lump of coal in your stocking by getting a Ho Ho whole lot of leads. 


Boost your online presence

According to Wordstream, 8 in 10 holiday shoppers are influenced by the internet before making a purchase.  What’s more, 64% of smartphone shoppers search on their mobiles before heading to a store.  It always pays to be digital and the holidays are no exception.  At such a popular time to spend money, you can’t avoid being online.  You can find more information on how to make the most out of your online presence here


Theme it

Don’t just get into the festive spirit, let others know that you’re taking part.  But be warned, covering your site with a Christmassy look may make you seem unprofessional.  The trick is to show your Christmas spirit in an elegant way.  Less is usually more.  Maybe don’t deck the halls, but a simple Santa hat besides your site’s logo through the Christmas Period can go a long way.


Promotions and offers

When everyone is spending, competition can be high.  Make your KBB business stand out with promotions.  You could even award exclusive offers to current clients.  This makes them feel valued by getting something of extra value whilst boosting your current relationship. 


Promotional mail

Do you have a monthly newsletter?  If not why not?  Whether it’s a post on your Facebook page or direct mail.  Spread Christmas cheer to all who will listen.  Not only will they feel valued and appreciated, but they’ll also see your business as human rather than a faceless enterprise. 


Get the idea?  At KBB Leads we aren’t just passionate about getting your KBB business involved in the festivities.  We’re also devoted toward creating high-quality leads for KBB businesses.  Want to find out more about how we can help your KBB business?  Contact us today

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