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The KBB Boom Won’t Last Forever

The KBB Boom Won’t Last Forever

The KBB Boom Won't Last Forever


The KBB sector has thrived throughout the pandemic.  We’re in a KBB boom.  While people are spending more time at home, it only makes sense to invest in the home.  If the past has taught us anything, it’s that businesses involved in home improvement do better than most during recessions. 


Getting the best out of these circumstances should be a priority.  But a strategy for the future is also of massive importance.


Here are three things to consider about the KBB boom and your plans for 2021:


How are you handling the boom? 

Are you able to work at capacity?  Maybe you never anticipated that you’d get so busy.  Is there time to relax?  Or are you dreading being fully booked for the next few months? 


Understandably, you may want to handle things yourself.  After all, you’re the one who got yourself here.  The downside to this mindset is that your business has a limit.  When drowning in leads becomes a problem, you have two options:


  1. Bring in new people and relinquish some control
  2. Continue struggling when your business should be doing well


Every lead is valuable.  So shunning people away simply because you can’t handle their enquiries can be very harmful. 


Are you getting enough leads? 

If not, why not?  Leads are the lifeline that keeps your KBB business afloat and sailing.  A lack of them would be surprising during a KBB boom. 


What are the current steps you’re using to master lead generation?  You may be relying too much on conventional advertising.  The problem with using magazines and TV ads is that it’s harder than ever to reach people without going digital.  This is especially true during a pandemic.


Are you getting the most out of digital?

Digital lead generation should be the main focus of your KBB business.  Not only does it give you fantastic value for your money, but you also have way more control over where that money goes.  What’s more, the direct targeting that comes with digital advertising works above and beyond all other forms.


Digital marketing has a big audience too.  According to Oberlo, one in every four people you see is an online shopper.  Don’t give this platform the cold shoulder. 


So what?

The KBB sector needs to look towards the future.  Things are going well.  But during times of turmoil, it’s hard to predict how your next day will look.  We have to do our absolute best to utilise the circumstances of a lockdown.  Arrogance towards maintaining quality leads may mean it’s harder to hold onto them. 


At KBB Leads we specialise in creating high quality leads for KBB businesses using our bespoke appointment based and pay per lead services.  We know what works and what doesn’t.  If you’d like to make the most out of your KBB business during the big boom and create a strong foundation for your business’s future, get in touch now.

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