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How To Use Google My Business

How To Use Google My Business

How to use google my business


The arrival of the digital world means that a customer’s first impression of a business begins online. Google My Business is a fantastic way to ensure that customers get the most out of this experience. Many people simply see this as a way of displaying local information. But it’s also a valuable tool. 


Here are some key tips for making the most out of Google My Business:


1. Pick the category

 Make sure your services get the right representation. Google has a tendency to change their categories. Make sure you’ve picked the correct one. 


2. Utilise the description box

Let them know you’re great. Use the description box to give them essential information.


3. Choose a profile picture

A simple welcoming smile at the entrance of your showroom won’t do the trick anymore! Use quality photography to showcase your products and services. 


4. Respond to all reviews 

Sadly, it’s human nature to focus on the negative. You need to combat this. Make sure you also respond to positive reviews of your business to show that all your customers feel valued.  


5. Make the most of posting

Posting on Google My Business is an ideal way to let your customers quickly access information. What’s more, sharing valuable content on this platform could help boost traffic to your site. 


6. Add value to the product section

Listing products and services along with pictures is another excellent way to draw traffic to your site.  


Utilising something as basic as Google My Business in a smart, cost-effective and professional way is key to giving your business the right image. Don’t make it to be informative. Make it to be a statement. 


We know you’ve got this. But if you’d like to know more about how you can generate high quality leads for your KBB business don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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