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How To Extend Your Leads Lifespan

How To Extend Your Leads Lifespan

How To Extend Your Leads Lifespan


In this article, we explain why KBB leads don’t last forever and how you can expand your leads lifespan to combat this.


Time is a leads worst enemy.  It’s a shame we’re not allowed to borrow a Tardis or drive a Delorean at 88 miles per hour.  If we could we might stand a chance at creating a world where the two things can happily co-exist. 


The problem between leads and time is that leads don’t last forever.  So the trick is to catch them while they’re hot, right?  Sadly there’s more to it than that. 


A Leads lifespan is limited


You’ve done it.  You’ve followed a prospect through the sales funnel and you’ve come out the other end with a hot lead.  They’re sold on your services and excited to experience them.


If you had any sense you’d follow up the lead the minute they showed interest.  But for some reason, you don’t or can’t.


There could be a few reasons for this:

  • “I don’t need to hold the client’s hand.  They know our product, why should I have to baby them through the process.” – The lack of enthusiasm on your side is unnerving.  If you’re not excited about what you have to offer, why should your client be?
  • “I have too many leads to deal with.” – Ahh one of the finer problems in life.  Unless your goal is to be oversubscribed you should not use this little gem as an excuse.
  • “I’m trying everything to get leads in.” – Fingers in pies can be fantastic.  But doing too much at once can overload your workflow.  There’s no point in using 10 different strategies to generate leads when you can’t even look after the ones you have.


Am I doomed?

Not necessarily.  The most common problem we see with KBB businesses is that they’re juggling too many things at once.  It’s no surprise that leads go cold when you’re handling employees, your trade, taxes and a life outside the workplace.  The secret is to let others take some of the weight.  


Contact KBB Leads now

We are here to make sure KBB businesses have the capacity and capability needed to keep up with their hard-earned leads.  Not only this, but we’re also experts at KBB lead generation.


We get it.  You have plenty to do as it is.  Sadly, you’re not superman, neither do you own a tardis, DeLorean or maybe even a hot tub time machine. 


We offer KBB businesses a bespoke service including appointment-based lead generation and pay per lead packages.  Whether you want to offload the entire burden of lead generation, or simply want an extra hand.  We can help.  So what are you waiting for?  Time is fleeting!  Get in touch now!

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