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The Welsh Lockdown – KBB Pandemic Proof

The Welsh Lockdown – KBB Pandemic Proof

KBB retailers in Wales allowed to stay open during lockdown


In this article, we explain why current events could make your KBB business pandemic proof. Interested in finding out how we can help? Click here.


Kitchen and bathroom retailers are allowed to stay open during Wales’ Circuit Breaker Lockdown.  KBB Review reported that despite previous claims that installers and tradespeople were not allowed to visit customers homes, they can remain open.  To stay open KBB businesses must prove that they are providing their resources to members of the construction market.


Lockdown rules and regulations might be confusing.  But these current events could help prove that KBB businesses are pandemic proof.


Here are three reasons why:

1. KBB is essential 

The lockdown has revealed that “non-essential” businesses must close.  Where does that leave the KBB sector?  Is it possible that the new measures imply we are seen as the vital asset we truly are?  We think so.  The KBB sector is a foundation of the economy.  As such, it must stay afloat. 


2. It’s an opportunity to grow

It’s unfortunate that we’re confined to our homes.  Luckily, there are positive elements to staying inside.  It’s human nature to enjoy spending money.  Who doesn’t love retail therapy?  Being locked in doesn’t stop this desire.  People only change how they spend.  Wanting to invest more into your home only makes sense.  The Welsh Lockdown is proof that people are likely to be confined to their homes for the foreseeable future.  The opportunity to invest in our homes may repeat itself.


3. Lead generation can be put to the test

Wales has opened an opportunity that the KBB industry has never before seen.  Many high street stores are closed.  Less of the public will be in public.  The little trust we had in conventional marketing will take another blow.  When fewer people watch TV and communicate through word of mouth, how do we reach prospects?  Digitally generated Leads.  When nothing but innovative, bespoke online marketing is available, we will finally recognise how valuable it is and our industry will become pandemic-proof.


Bottom line.  Things are not normal.  When Welsh Circuit Breakers and Tier Systems are constantly introducing themselves, there comes a time for change.  Although Wales’ lockdown will cause a blow for many businesses, the KBB sector has the chance to adapt and dominate.


In a world where digital is king and gains power and influence every day, it pays to have professionals on your side.  At KBB Leads we are experts at generating leads for your KBB business using our award-winning formula combined with tried and tested digital technology.  Enjoy a free 15-minute call with us to find out more.

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